Andy Petrella (@noootsab) is a mathematician turned into an entrepreneur in/with Data Science. Andy participated in many projects built on distributed technologies like spark, cassandra and mesos in various fields including Geospatial, IoT, Automotive and Smart cities projects. He is the creator of the Spark Notebook (, the only reactive and fully Scala notebook for Apache Spark. Xavier Tordoir and Andy founded Data Fellas ( building Adastik enabling Data-Driven Business by introducing agility and metalearning in data science processes.

Andy is also member of program committee of the O’Reilly Strata, Scala eXchange and Data Science eXchange and Devoxx events.



Xavier Tordoir (@xtordoir) started his career as a researcher in experimental physics, focused on data processing. He took part in projects in finance, genomics, and software development for academic research, working on time series, prediction of biological molecular structures and interactions, and applied machine learning methodologies. He developed solutions to manage and process data distributed across data centers. Xavier founded and works atData Fellas, a company dedicated to distributed computing and advanced analytics, leveraging Scala, Spark, and other distributed technologies.



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